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Here at Lumin General Contractors, we make it a point to only use top quality materials for our clients. The structural integrity of your property is not only crucial for aesthetic purposes but also for important safety considerations.

Given the very important role that your roofing system plays for your house, we as your roofing contractor guarantee that we only apply elements that are going to be beneficial and advantageous for you as the homeowner.

When it comes to trusting roofing companies, go with someone like us here at Lumin General Contractors, the contractors with a solid, tried and tested, efficient system.


A system is a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole. Lumin General Contractors has a deliberate approach of using specific, trusted manufacturers and their quality materials when building or replacing roofs. The only way to ensure the longevity of a manufacturer’s system is to use all their branded components. If mismatched parts are used on a system this could have devastating effects on the longevity and warranty should any single component of the system fail. This approach will ensure a full and complete warranty should any part fail. Lumin General Contractors will not cut any corners and will use quality materials installed by qualified installers. This approach to construction can truly give you peace of mind!


Owens Corning

Preferred Contractor

Roofing Systems: Owens Corning Shingles, Owens Corning Felt, Owens Corning Ice and Water Guard, Owens Corning Starter Shingles, Owens Corning Ridge Cap shingles. This complete system is 100% branded by Owens Corning and will carry the true full manufacturer’s warranty backed up by an extended manufacturer’s warranty provided by Lumin General Contractors, as an Owens Corning Certified Contractor.

Owens Corning Preferred Contractor



Ventilation is the most important component of the system. Without proper ventilation you will void the manufacturer’s warranty and cause detrimental conditions in your attic that can negatively affect the house paint, mold conditions, and structural integrity of the framing of the property. Not addressing the ventilation according to local building code and market best practices will cause you several thousands of dollars in damage down the road. With a little effort and ingenuity, Lumin can prevent these unexpected expenses and get the job done right the first time. The greatest gift of the Lumin Roofing System is letting the homeowner experience a higher functioning house resulting from doing things the right way.   Our ventilation products are specifically branded to match the brand of the Lumin Roofing System!

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Lumin General Contractors repairs and restores all types of roofs and siding in Colorado. Whether it’s stucco or vinyl siding you need to install or fix, our team has got you covered. Oftentimes a damaged roof can be repaired and restored, and does not need to be completely replaced. Our experienced roofing contractors are highly trained and can locate damaged areas on your roof and determine whether a new roof is truly necessary. If the roof is still in good general condition, we may be able to conduct repairs to extend its life. Contact us out for a free consultation.

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