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From roofing to siding to stucco to vinyl siding and much more, Lumin General Contractors can help you with your Colorado roofing needs. We’re a locally owned and operated general contractor that is fully licensed and insured. We don’t cut any corners and use branded materials installed by quality craftsmen. We’re a trusted Denver roofing contractor with free inspections and assessments and we’d be happy to quickly help you with your needs. Simply call 719-387-1419 or fill out the contact form.


Kelly Wojtech, Owner

Growing up in Oregon, Kelly learned construction at a young age by watching and helping her dad build a barn and fencing for her horses. The most important thing she learned was to never cut corners in construction as it alters the integrity of the entire structure. This is the motto she continues to hold in all aspects of life. Kelly went on to graduate from the University of Portland, majoring in business and entrepreneurial management. She spent time selling for two prestigious medical device companies before settling down with her husband, John. She helped John with his restoration company in Colorado and Ohio, focusing on customer relations, quality, and establishing ways to give back to the communities that supported them. Kelly continues this focus with Lumin General Contractors. When not working, Kelly enjoys spending time with John and their two young sons, Max and Luke, on their horse ranch in Elizabeth.

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