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When it comes to home renovations and improvements, homeowners would do well to do some serious research as to the kinds of design they would like implemented. One of the upgrades usually sought after is vinyl siding.

As the name explicitly describes, this is a type of siding made of vinyl, easy to install and pre-fabricated. The appeal is easy enough to understand: it’s easy to install, a worthy investment because of its cost-friendliness, and is generally easy to maintain. It also adds aesthetic value to your property’s exterior as it comes in various designs. In fact, some even take on the appearance of other materials, such as wood, cement, or tiles.

Repackaged Value

Admittedly, these same benefits lauded today with having vinyl siding were also the very same reasons why it used to be frowned upon, especially by architectural “purists”. It is, after all, plastic, and there are some who simply cannot fathom the idea of wrapping their entire house with plastic.

What encouraged the shift in attitude and acceptance towards vinyl sidings? It’s the technology, simply put. The various aesthetic concerns, such as yellowing under the heat of the sun, discoloration, warping, and more have now been addressed by using a stronger mixture of components. There have been a lot of filtering in its construction, taking in all the good and removing the issues from the older types of vinyl fabrication.

Particularly, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) has been largely successful in keeping the siding protected against the harsh ultraviolet rays, while also making the siding fade-resistant. Its ability to retain paint is also impressive because the paint actually goes all the way through into the material, which means that it won’t flake off like regular paint does.

Quality Work for Quality Material

Just because vinyl siding is relatively affordable, however, it doesn’t mean that you should use it indiscriminately. That’s not just throwing away a valuable cash resource, but it’s also going to be a waste of good quality material.

This is why although there are plenty of DIY testimonials out there, it still would be preferred if you simply seek the help of professional contractors like Lumin Systems, so that you won’t have to worry about these questions.

With us, you can rest assured that we will not only be doing topnotch installation work, but also equally topnotch vinyl siding repair services. Why rely on professional services when it’s something you can do by yourself? The answer lies in the material itself.

You see, because of the construction of vinyl as a material, it is versatile enough to expand and contract along with the material underneath it, such as wood, for example. The problem is that this expansion and contraction does tend to put a strain on the material, particularly if it is not installed properly. A poor installation of vinyl siding can result to its buckling and warping, which will render the material’s longevity and durability as futile.

Installing vinyl siding requires an exact math and science to it, specifically in terms of the size of each panel, as well as the environmental conditions like the temperature at the time of its installation. Unless you are completely confident in your vinyl siding installation skills, we highly recommend leaving it in the hands of specialists like us.

Apart from vinyl siding, we also offer services for roofing and stucco repairs and installations. Feel free to leave a message in our Contact page so we can get started with the free consultation as soon as you’re ready.

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