Lumin General Contractors applies its deliberate approach of using specific, trusted manufacturers and their quality materials to home exteriors. Whether it’s traditional siding or one of our specialties – stucco – the only way to ensure the longevity of a manufacturer’s system is to use all their branded components. Lumin General Contractors can refresh your home’s exterior with new windows, doors, and paint.


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Lumin Stucco System: BASF Base Coat, BASF Mesh, BASF Finish Coat, BASF Caulking. Stucco is a common exterior system used up and down the front range. Once hail damages stucco, there is one right way to fix the problem. All manufacturers have specific recommendations when addressing impacts to stucco systems. The most commonly used repair method is outlined here:

  • Cut out a generous portion of the surrounding of the impact, ensuring there is no watter trapped between the Foam and the interior wall. If moisture is found a larger portion is to be removed until there are no more signs of moisture. If plywood is damaged the plywood is to be replaced to ensure the integrity of the structure.
  • Replace the cut out portion with rigid foam insulation to match the existing foam system.
  • Install a moisture barrier around the repairs.
  • Apply a cementitious brown coat evenly around the repair. Continuing the brown coat evenly over the entire elevation of the structure. This is the most important part of the stucco resurfacing project.
  • Embed a synthetic mesh in the brown coat to combat against cracking caused from structural settling.
  • Let the brown coat cure anywhere from 3 to 7 days.
  • Install a color coated finish coat either matching the existing texture of the house or if resurfacing the entire house in a complete different texture! Stucco textures can be seen below.
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Lumin Window Systems:  Lumin General Contractors uses AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) recommended methods to make sure there are no leaks through substrates.  This system includes removing all necessary exterior trim, siding, or stucco down to the new construction structural wall, installing the window to the existing plywood. If plywood is rotten from unseen water leaks, Lumin will replace the rotten wood.  Ice and water guard is then installed around the nailing fin, a drip edge flashing is installed over the top of the window to ensure water will not enter the structure, the trim is then replaced, caulked, and painted.  In many cases the interior will need some paint touch ups or possibly some drywall repair after the proper installation of new windows.  Our installers are certified and insured to deliver a quality installation backed by Lumin General Contractors!



Lumin Paint System: When you think about painting your house you may not think about how the quality of the product can be affected by using a generic caulking, generic primer, mixed with a high quality exterior or interior paint. Our Lumin Paint System goes like this:

  • Sherwin Williams wall detergent to clean off any dirt and debris that has built up over time.
  • Sherwin Williams Caulking
  • Sherwin Williams Primer is used over sanded areas or bare wood
    Sherwin Williams Premium Paint.

Many mismatched applications can will only last a few years at best. When using all branded materials installed by certified professionals, you can rest with a peace of mind that you have a world recognized brand protecting your house. We have commonly used this paint system all over the front range. We have seen the paint last as long as 10 years! When your neighbors are spending thousands of dollars painting every few years you can have confidence in your systems performance over the true manufacturer’s warranty of the complete system.

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